Manufacturing & Assembly

Key Electronics provides Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)/Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) to the world’s leading aerospace, defense, medical, transportation and industrial/commercial industries. Key Electronics has adapted a management strategy whereby its quality management systems are process based to ensure the consistent manufacturing of quality products. These efforts start with an enabling corporate culture and trained employees; implementation of lean manufacturing, six-sigma, and structured problem solving foundations; redundancy of critical equipment; and customer processes that focuses on the Voice of the Customer, New Product Introductions (NPI) and risk management.

Printed Circuit Board / Circuit Card Assembly:
Key Electronics implemented duplicate SMT lines in 2012 that includes screen printer, 3D Screen Print Inspection, multiple Pick and Place machines, reflow oven and automated conveyors. The lines are equipped to place all current component sizes and BGAs, carts for quick changeovers and software that provides setup verification and control. Systems have also been implemented to provide process traceability for each serialized PCBA and material traceability to the reference designator level.

Most SMT errors occur in the screen print process. Therefore, Key Electronics has focused control of this process with the implementation of 3D optical inspection for solder paste. The technology ensures both the coverage area and height requirements for applying the paste are met.

SMT technology is complemented by other comprehensive component placement methods including automated and manual through-hole, wave soldering, selective soldering and hand soldering. All PCBA processes support leaded and lead-free processing.

Equipment and Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping:
In industry, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. Timely response and feedback is critical during the design verification and validation phases to ensure product specifications and objectives have been met. Key Electronics provides rapid prototyping services to reduce this time-to-market through its Rapid Response Center. Our certified technicians and customer teams oversee the manufacturing of low volume, high complexity assemblies to verify design integrity, manufacturability and testability prior to the start of production volumes. Prototypes can be manufactured within 3-5 days upon receipt of material.

Automated Inspection:
Key Electronics offers Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI) for high speed PCB inspection and exceptional defect coverage. The equipment uses sophisticated vision technology to inspect solder joints, component placement, and component coverage to provide high-quality products in less time.

Key Electronics engineering staff works with the customer’s engineering team to develop the appropriate test plans, protocols and systems based on product characteristics and manufacturing processes. Testing capabilities include System Level Functional Test, In-Circuit Test, X-Ray Joint Evaluation, Cleanliness testing and Hi-Pot/Ground Bond. Key Electronics also participates with customers to implement Automatic Test Generation systems.

Test Fixture Type:
Key Electronics can support various Test Fixtures including one and two-sided tests, custom electrical fixture design, dedicated test bed and temperature tests.

Conformal Coating and Encapsulation:
Key Electronics has the capability to selectively coat assemblies with automated equipment which offers versatility to meet a wide-range of requirements. Coating material options include Epoxy, Polyurethane and Acrylic and can be applied to both sides of the printed circuit board assembly. Potting capabilities also exist for single and two part potting material.

Environmental Stress Screening:
Key Electronics’ Environmental Stress Screening capabilities include Power Cycling On-Off, Burn-In at Temperature, Burin-In with Temperature Cycling, and product validation through 3rd party test labs.

Product Assembly:
Key Electronics has years of experience integrating complex technologies into higher level assemblies including electro-mechanical, advanced technology box-builds and chassis systems integration. A Class 10,000 Clean Room is also available for medical and high reliability products requiring this assembly and/or testing environment.

Supply Chain Management:
Key Electronics offers a wide variety of inventory management, procurement solutions and a competitive supplier base. Material procurement and management consist of planning, purchasing, expediting and warehousing of bare printed wiring boards, components and material used in the manufacturing process. Our inventory management expertise and volume procurement capabilities contribute to cost reductions and decreased total cycle time. Key Electronics works with the customer closely during the New Product Introduction (NPI) and Periodic Business Reviews to ensure the optimal supply chain and logistics are in place to meet the customer’s requirements and deliver best price models.
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