After-Sales Services

The process of managing products after they have been sold has many names, such as Reverse Logistics, After Delivery Service or After Sales Services. Regardless of the name, the service can be complex, and often involves numerous parties in many different locations. In fact, most situations now involve the end-user that has purchased the product for the original customer. Key Electronics believes that “After Sales Service” is part of the commitment to deliver “More than You Expected”.

Warranty and Rework:
Product manufactured by Key Electronics is sold to customers based on warranty arrangements. Product may be returned to Key Electronics in these cases for rework, re-testing, and return to the designated locations.

Upgrades and Enhancements:
Product may be identified for upgrades and enhancements as part of its Product Lifecycle Management. The Program Manager will work with customers to determine the requirements for completion of this work.

Depot Repair:
Depot Repair services are customized to meet the requirements of each customer. Logistics can be coordinated with various global carriers for the delivery and shipment of product. Typical services include product assessments, call center communications, authorized repairs, service level agreements and periodic reporting. Key Electronics also offers website applications to track and monitor the status of depot repair services to customers as required.

Product Support:
Product Support can encompass a broad range of services. Usually the Program Manager and Engineering Services will take the lead in working with the customer to resolve any questions or collaborate on planning new products, features, and capabilities.
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